An Overview for Employees

Life presents us with challenges at work and at home on a daily basis. You do not have to face these challenges alone, even if you’re far away.

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The EAP Can Help with Almost Any Issue

EAP benefits are available to all employees and their families at NO COST to you. Help is just a phone call away. The EAP offers confidential advice, support, and practical solutions to real-life issues. You can access these confidential services by calling the toll-free number and speaking with a consultant.

EAP Services for Employees and Families

  • 24-hour Crisis Help: toll-free access for you or a family member experiencing a crisis.
  • In-person Counseling: up to 4 face-to-face counseling sessions for relationship and family issues, stress, anxiety, and other common challenges.
  • RBH eAccess: convenient access to online consultations with licensed counselors.

Online Resources at

The EAP includes access to online tools and educational resources to help make life easier.

    • Webinars
    • Monthly newsletters
    • Wellness resources
    • Assessments
    • Self-directed courses
    • Articles
    • Healthy recipes
    • Current health news + movies
    • Stress tools
    • Financial calculators
    • Legal resources
    • Retirement planning resources
    • Tip sheets
    • Child/elder care locators

  • Lunch & Learn Webinars: free monthly supervisor and employee webinars are followed by a live Q + A. Go to and select the Webinars link to sign up or view past webinars via the RBH YouTube link.

Access Counseling and Benefit Information:

CALL: 866-750-1327

Select Members from the top right corner

    • Click on the RBH logo
    • Enter your Access Code: MUS
    • Click the My Benefits button

Work-Life Services

Balancing Life at Work and Home

Your EAP provides a wide range of work-life balance services to help you survive a variety of challenges.

  • Childcare Services: childcare professionals provide information and support on parenting, school issues, adoption, college planning, teenager challenges, summer camps, daycare, and other important issues for parents.
  • Adult and Eldercare Services: specialists assist in finding quality information and services including transportation, meals, exercise, activities, prescription drug information, in-home care, daytime care, and housing.

  • Legal Services: access a free, half-hour consultation, by phone or in person, for any non-work related issue, followed with a 25% discount in legal fees.
  • Financial Help: 30 consecutive days of free phone consultations for debt counseling, budgeting, college/retirement planning, and taxes, including 25% discount off certified public accountant services for tax preparation.
  • Mediation Services: request free consultations for personal, family, and non-work related issues such as divorce, neighbor disputes, or real estate.
  • Online Legal Forms: create, save, print, and revise online legal forms including wills, contracts, leases, and many more.
  • Home Ownership Program: get free support and information about making smarter choices when shopping for a new home, making financing decisions, relocating, or selling a home.
  • Identity Theft Services: access support in planning the recovery process or restoring your identity and credit after an incident.
  • College Planning Program: access a free 15-minute consultation with a college planning specialist to assist with SAT/ACT prep, scholarships, grants, financial aid and other college related issues followed by a 30% discount in program fees.

EAP Services + Support for Supervisors

Managing people can be challenging. All supervisors have fast access to phone consultations, trainings about the EAP and management topics such as:

  • Critical incidents
  • Drug-free workplace
  • Making employee referrals
  • Organizational development
  • Education and training
  • Conflicts in the workplace

To Access EAP Services Call: 866-750-1327

Access Online Work-Life Balance


  1. Select Members from the top right corner
  2. Click on the RBH logo
  3. Enter your Access Code: MUS
  4. Click the My Benefits button

Your EAP benefit is provided by your employer and delivered Company by Reliant Behavioral Health (RBH, an IBH Company).