Inter-Unit Benefits Committee (IUBC)

The Inter-Unit Benefits Committee is created for the purpose of allowing members of the University System Employee Benefits Plan a reasonable opportunity to participate in the development of policy prior to a final decision by the Commissioner on matters affecting the Plan. The IUBC shall report all of its findings and recommendations to the Commissioner.

Upcoming IUBC Meetings:

January 29, 2020
10:00 am-3:00pm
OCHE Offices, Helena

March 25, 2020
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
OCHE Offices, Helena

IUBC Committe Members:

Current IUBC Members

Quint Nyman, IUBC Chair
Mary Kay Bonilla, IUBC Vice-Chair
Gary Amundson
Ron Brekke
Roxanne Engellant
Diane Fladmo
Karen Glasser
Jeanette Grey Gilbert
Frank Kerins
James Laskin
Terri Phillips
Kim Rickard
Jody Stahl
Vanessa Van Dyk







Inter-Unit Benefits Committee (IUBC)

Below is the statutory (Montana Code Annotated) statement of purpose and procedure for the Inter-Unit Benefits Committee.  The Commissioner of Higher Education shall adhere to this in the administration of the committee.

The Commissioner of Higher Education shall design group benefits plans and establish premium levels for enrollees.  The Commissioner shall establish specifications for bids and accept or reject bids for administering group benefits plans.  The Commissioner shall negotiate and administer contracts for group benefits plans. The design or modification of group benefits plans and the establishment of enrollee premium levels are not mandatory subjects for collective bargaining, however, there shall be an Inter-Unit Benefits Committee to serve an advisory group to the Commissioner.  (20-25-1303 Montana Code Annotated)

The members of the committee are appointed by the Commissioner and must be selected from a diverse group in order to adequately represent the interests of the enrollees of the Montana University System.   At least one-half of the members must be appointed based upon the recommendations of the labor organizations representing employees of the Montana University System.  (20-15-1530 Montana Code Annotated)

The committee is an advisory council in accordance with 2-15-122 Montana Code Annotated.  The Board of Regents of Higher Education is the respective “creating authority” of the council under the statutory terms.  The creating authority shall prescribe the composition and advisory functions of each advisory council created, and appoint its members, who shall serve at the pleasure of the creating authority.

The Board of Regents and the Commissioner view the role of labor organizations in nominating committee members as integral to the process of effective benefits-related planning and communication.  The Montana University System greatly values the leadership and participation of collective bargaining representatives in the business of the committee.


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