The MUS Benefit Plan offers a Dependent Premium Hardship Waiver to assist with the cost of medical health care coverage for children covered on the MUS medical plan. The family must first apply for Healthy Montana Kids (HMK) for all children under the age of 19. If HMK denies coverage and the family has a financial hardship, an application may be submitted to the MUS Benefits office requesting the Dependent Premium Hardship Waiver. If the total household income is not more than 115% of the HMK guidelines, covered dependent children will be eligible for the waiver for the Plan year. The family must re-apply for HMK and the Dependent Premium Hardship Waiver each Plan year in order to be eligible for the waiver.

For more information, please contact your campus Human Resources/Benefits office or call the MUS Employee Benefits office at 877-501-1722.


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Dependent Premium Hardship Criteria Dependent Premium Hardship Application