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  1. Each eligible faculty and/or staff member receives a monthly employer contribution. This amount is based on the Montana State legislature’s allocation toward the cost of benefits for state employees.

  2. Within 30 days of first becoming eligible for benefits, or during annual enrollment each year, you select or make changes from among the benefit plan options.Note: Must enroll within 30 days of hire or 63 days of qualifying event (see qualifying events).

  3. Each benefit option in Choices has a monthly cost associated with it. These costs are shown in the Choices Annual Benefits Enrollment Workbook.

Mandatory (must choose):
- Medical
- Prescription Drug (automatic with medical plan)
- Dental
- Basic Life Insurance and AD&D
- Long Term Disability

Optional (voluntary):
- Supplemental Life Insurance
- Dependent Life Insurance
- Supplemental AD&D Insurance
- Vision Hardware
- Long Term Care
- Flexible Spending Account

Note: You must re-enroll each plan year during the annual enrollment period to participate in a Flexible Spending Account.  NO AUTOMATIC ENROLLMENT

  1. The enrollment form will walk you through your coverage options and monthly costs. To determine the before-tax cost of your benefits, add up the total cost of the benefits you’ve selected and compare it to the employer contribution provided to you by the Montana University System. 

. . . . . If the benefits you choose cost

  • The same as your employer contribution, you won’t see any change in your paycheck.

  • More than your employer contribution, you’ll pay the difference through automatic payroll deductions.

  • Less than your employer contribution, you will forfeit the remaining employer contribution.


Your annual Choices elections remain in effect for the entire plan benefit period following enrollment (July 1-June 30) , unless you have a change in status. See the Summary Plan Description for more information.

All questions about the enrollment process or qualifying events should be directed to your campus Human Resources Office or the Montana University System Benefits Office at 1-877-501-1722.