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About URx

URx is a prescription drug management program developed by the Montana University System and the State of Montana. The URx program is powered by MedImpact. As the pharmacy benefit administrator, MedImpact serves as the claims processor. URx uses the prescription process as a mechanism to manage overall care of a member by focusing on producing better clinical outcomes by making sure members get the best drug to treat their condition. MedImpact has a dedicated customer service telephone line for Montana University System to answer any questions you may have regarding your benefits or claims processing.

How does URx work?

One component of the URx program is the Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee (PTAC). The committee consists of Montana doctors, pharmacists, and consumers. PTAC was assisted by the University of Montana Skaggs School of Pharmacy and a group of nationally recognized medical and pharmacy researchers whose focus is achieving clinical excellence. Under the State of Montana and Montana University System's oversight, the PTAC committee is charged with developing the formulary (the list of preferred drugs covered by the plan) that will make the most effective prescription drugs the least expensive to the member, regardless of the drug's actual cost. The PTAC looked at the scientific research and medical studies on prescription drugs and graded them on the formulary from A to F. Prescription drugs with a higher grade have better health outcomes--in other words, they are more effective--and will cost you less out-of-pocket. With URx there will be no deductible, and Class A, B, and C prescriptions will accumulate towards an out-of-pocket maximum.

Who is Eligible?

The Prescription Drug Plan is a benefit for all Montana University System, Retirees (except MUSMAP), and COBRA members and their eligible dependents. Any member enrolled in a medical insurance plan will automatically receive this plan. There is no separate premium for this plan.

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