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Q:   What does the Class A to F grouping of drugs mean?

A:  A list of drugs called a tier was developed by Montana doctors, pharmacists, and consumers.  This Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee (PTAC) was assisted by the University of Montana Skaggs School of Pharmacy and a group of nationally recognized medical and pharmacy researchers whose focus is achieving clinical excellence. They looked at the scientific research and medical studies on prescription drugs and graded the drugs on the tier from A to F. Drugs with a higher grade have better health outcomes—in other words, they’re more effective—and will cost you less out-of-pocket.

Q:    How will I know what the University Plan will pay toward my drug?

A:   You will need to know what class your drug falls into. The drug list with class groupings will be available for you to access via the Internet. You may also call the telephone numbers listed below for assistance. We will be holding meetings about URx around the state and you will be invited to attend these meetings.

Q:    How do I get help?

A:    Below is contact information you can use to learn more and receive help.


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