MUS Medicare Advantage Program (MAP)

MUS MAP, the medicare advantage health plan offered through New West Heath Services represents an attractive and less expensive alternative to the conventional Choices among the MUS health insurance options for medicare retirees. The MUS MAP is essentially original Medicare offered in enhanced form by a private insurance company. The enhanced plan effectively combines original Medicare and supplementary insurance coverage into a single policy eliminating the necessity of secondary coverage such as that provided by MUS Choices.

To be eligible for the MUS MAP plan, you must be a MUS retiree, you and your spouse must have Medicare Parts A and B, you must pay the Medicare Part B premium and you must reside in Montana for at least six months per year. Premium savings can range from $1500 to $2000 per year, in comparison with other MUS Traditional and Managed Care plans. An enhanced comprehensive Medicare Part D prescription drug plan is included in the MUS MAP offering for a total monthly premium of $180 per person, $360 per couple. A return right to the MUS health insurance plan is guaranteed should the MUS MAP plan become undesirable or unavailable.

MUS MAP members have limited access to wellness programs. See the Choices Retiree Annual Benefits Enrollment Workbook for more details.

Additional information about Medicare Advantage Plans generally and the MUS MAP plan specifically can be obtained by consulting your annual “Medicare and You” book; the Medicare Website at; your 2013-2014 Retiree Annual Benefits Enrollment Workbook or at New West 1-888-873-8049.

MUS Retiree Enrollment Workbook which includes rates:
MUS Retiree Enrollment Workbook

MAP Enrollment Form

MUS Retiree:

Retiree Enrollment Form




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