IUBC Members

The Inter Unit Benefits Committee is created for the purpose of allowing members of the University System Employee Benefits Plan a reasonable opportunity to participate in the development of policy prior to a final decision by the Commissioner on matters affecting the Plan. The IUBC shall report all of its findings and recommendations to the Commissioner.

Members (in alphabetical order)

    Gary Amundson (Union)
Send email to Gary Amundson
Adjunct Instructor, Business/Finance, MSU Billings

    Mary Kay Bonilla (Chair-Wellness Sub Comm. (Administration)
Send email to Mary Kay Bonilla
Executive Director, Human Resources, Great Falls College MSU

    Ronald Brekke (Union)
Send email to Ron Brekke
Parking Enforcement Officer, MSU Bozeman

    Charles E. Cashell (Union)
Send email to Charles Cashell
IUOE Business Manager

    Roxanne Engellant (Administration)
Send email to Roxanne Engellant
Director, UM Western Foundation/Alumni

    Karen Glasser (Administration)
Send email to Karen Glasser
Director, Human Resources, Flathead Valley Community College

    Jim Handley (Union)
Send email to Jim Handley
Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences, Montana Tech

    Ruth Anne Hansen( Administration)
Send email to Ruth Anne Hansen
HR & Labor Specialist, Office of Commissioner of Higher Education
    Cathy Hasenpflug (Administration)
Send email to Cathy Hasenpflug
Director, Human Resource Operations, MSU Bozeman

    Kathy Jaynes (Administration)
Send email to Kathy Jaynes
Director, Human Resources, MSU Northern

    Frank Kerins (Administration)
Send email to Frank Kerins
CFA, Ph.D., Curriculum Vitae, College of Business, MSU Bozeman

    Mary Alice McMurray (Union)
Send email to Mary Alice McMurray
Carpenters Local #82

  Quint Nyman ((Chair) Union)
Send email to Quint Nyman
Executive Director of Montana Public Employees Association

    Roni Patrick (Retiree)
Send email to Roni Patrick
Retiree Representative, MPEA

  Maggie Peterson ((Vice-Chair) Administration)
Send email to Maggie Peterson
Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance, Montana Tech

  Terri Phillips ( Administration)
Send email to Terri Phillips
Associate Vice-President for Human Resources, University of Montana


Tammy Pilcher
Send email to Tammy Pilcher

Filed Consultand MEA-MFT

  Kim Rickard ( Union)
Send email to Kim Rickard
Business Manager/Secretary, Treasurer, Laborers - LIUNA #1686

    Janet Simon (Administration)
Send email to Janet Simon
Director, Human Resources, Montana State University Billings


    Doug Young (Retiree)
Send email to Doug Young
Professor Emeritus Economics, Ph.D.


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